Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Art Classes are taking off

Bethany Milam with art class student Rowena Hensman

Bethany draws from art to start teaching career
Posted By: Matthew Brownon: August 09, 2017
A dyslexic woman from Basingstoke who found her escape through art after a difficult time at school is to run new art classes.
Bethany Milam, a fine artist, will be leading drawing and painting sessions at Kingsclere Village Club starting on September 7, but it could have been so different for her.
The 30-year-old found creative and visual subjects at school to be an escape. “It was an oasis in what was a difficult environment,” she said.
Bethany recalls the first time she was praised for her work: “It was during junior school and I had done two paintings, one was of a St Lucian parrot, and the other was a copy of Monet’s Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge.
“This was the first time my artwork had been recognised as being good and it was a huge confidence boost. The memory stands out for me as I did not enjoy school as a whole.”
After finishing school, Bethany went on to complete her PGCE and started teaching adult education art courses and already teaches a daytime class at the Kingsclere club, something she really enjoys:
She said: “As a child I never would have imagined myself as a teacher but I love teaching and sharing my passion for art and all things creative.
“There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment at seeing my students’ progress as they gain new skills.
“Plus it keeps me exploring and learning new things to pass on to my students.”
September will be a busy month for Bethany as not only do the evening art classes start, she is also showcasing her work in a solo exhibition for a month at the Willis Museum in Basingstoke from September 23.
“I have a strong belief in the importance of art and arts education for all and am keen to pass on this enthusiasm” she said.
The evening art classes start on September 7 until December 14, between 7pm and 9pm.
“We will explore different media and techniques, working at the students’ own pace,” Bethany explained.
For details, call Tracey Lethbridge on 01635 291248.

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