Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy New Year!

2016 is looking quite busy.  I will be continuing to run courses at Kingsclere Village Hall, The Hurst School and for Basingstoke College of Technology. I have also been asked back by the Home Education Group I have previously ran classes for to teach. Starting with six weeks of drawing and sketching lessons for 10 to 13 year olds.  

Follow the link below for more on the courses I am running this term. 

Art Courses for the New Year

I had two commissions to complete for Christmas this year the first was a portrait that was very well received.  While the second was more challenging; a specific Sunbeam Talbot car in British Racing Green. Which is quite a difficult colour to pin down. It did not help that the main reference photo I was asked to work from was in black and white!  However I am happy to say the Client was very pleased with the final result. 

Sunbeam Talbot, Acrylic, 2015

So now I am looking forward to making some new work 'for me' now as well as having an eye on a few upcoming open exhibitions and Art Fairs.

Unfortunately my new Daylight Easel Lamp that I received for Christmas is missing a piece so I am still having to make do with my current studio lighting.  I hope it can be sorted out soon as the January cloud cover and lack of light is not exactly conductive to painting!

Wishing you all a Creative and Successful New Year!


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